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Satellite Link budget

1. Calculators and converters
Section is intended for the rapid calculation of individual parameters of radio systems. In particular:
- Free space loss;
- Loss of range;
- Parameters coverage - relationship of the height position of the SPACECRAFT and the parameters of the service area (the boundary value of the angle of space on the edge of the service area, diameter of the service area, the opening angle of the cone of KA);
- Power noise (linking noise power with bandwidth and noise figure);
- dBm-mkV (transfer of signal power from dBm to microvolts and back);
- The antenna gain (the calculation of the basic parameters of the antenna system: mirror diameter, the area or size of the flat emitter, the gain and beamwidth of directional depending on frequency and TRC);
- G/T (for a detailed calculation G/T of the receiving path);
- Energy radio (Express-assessment of the relationship Eb/No for various parameters of the radio link);
- Converters (wavelength - frequency, times - dB, as well as converters, capacity, temperature, gain antennas);

The General principle of operation: locate the calculator, select the setting you want to calculate, enter the values of other parameters (if necessary, select a dimension from the drop-down list, and click "Calculate" at the bottom of the Converter/calculator.

2.Satellite Link budget
Designed for real-time calculation of satellite link budget (frequency and power). Is a simplified online version of a program complex "Albatross-Budget".
Features and benefits:
- provides the calculation of the line from the Spacecraft, placed on all types of orbits (GEO, HEO, LEO, MEO, deep Space);
- calculation of the forward and reverse directions is performed simultaneously, thus, each direction may use the same or different transponders;
- the calculation is performed for all possible situations: clear sky everywhere, rain everywhere, rain in the area of provision of one of the stations;
- the calculation is carried out for specified factors of readiness on the line radioluminescence factors;
- radioluminescence parameters (rain intensity, height of the freezing level, etc.) can be entered manually or automatically loaded from the built-in digital maps;
- in order to maintain continuity of support working with both new and old digital maps radioluminescence parameters.

Note. When performing the calculations of satellite networks planned for deployment, it is recommended to use an authorized version of a program complex "Albatross-Budget".

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